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Forest2Sea Pet Photography

Preserving pawsitive memories, naturally!


Hey Critters! Wanna go outside & play? Wanna show off your beautacious self with a photoshoot that’s all about you? 

Well, howl, growl, hiss, meow, nay, oink or chirp for us & we’ll meet you there!

With the award winning nature photography expertise of Scott McGee, plus Carolita McGee’s lifetime experience working with many different species of domestic & wild animals, we joined forces to provide mobile pet photography services to Clallam and Jefferson County, WA critters! Nature is our studio. Whether it’s the wilderness, beach, local park or even your backyard, as long as it’s outside, we’re in!

Carolita McGee in action

We’re big nature buffs & we know you critters are too! Nature has a way of bringing out your truest self. Scott will capture every moment you play, roll around, or just lay there & meditate, while Carolita makes sure you feel safe, comfortable & continue to enjoy yourselves.

We encourage you to grab your human to join in on the fun too! We call on all 2, 3, 4, no-legged critters! We love you all just the same! Scott is experienced with macro photography for the tiny treasures like insects & has shot bigger critters, like horses at a wildlife sanctuary. We’ll also have cookies in case your human needs encouragement.

While I knew the photos would be great having seen some of their previous work, I was completely blown away with the end results! I was so appreciative of the care they took of the dogs, knowing when one of the dogs needed to take a break. It is so obvious how much they love animals and vice versa. The photos are just proof of that.

Kaitlyn P.

I don't know how they got the terrific pictures that they did, but I am so pleased with how wonderful they came out! We have an older dog who thinks he's still a puppy and they worked tirelessly with him to get the best pictures, action shots and ones that looked like he was sitting still and being the best behaved dog ever. It was great to see our dog's personality in picture form. So fantastic!!

Katy M.

Forest2Sea Pet Photography provides professional mobile pet photography in natural settings to Sequim, Port Angeles, Port Townsend and the greater Clallam / Jefferson County areas

Who Are We?

Carolita and Indi

Carolita McGee

Carolita McGee is a retired, professional pet sitter. She was nicknamed Pocahontas due to her ability to bond with nature’s wild animals, even a black bear, when she was just a kid. Playing with her forest friends was almost a daily thing which later influenced her to continue to work with animals.
She started her experience in the animal field working the pet shop industry, which she doesn’t support anymore & working as a veterinarian assistant. With this background, she began consulting pet guardians on how to care for & build proper environments for their pets. She has always volunteered her time in rescuing & adopting animals and continues to this day.
She owned a Los Angeles based pet sitting business until her move to San Diego. She continued to pet sit, but after 21+ years decided to retire to join her husband, (the man with the cam) Scott McGee on nature adventures, photographing animals that they meet & that aren’t too camera shy. They thought, why not expand this love of nature & animals to photographing pets doing what they do best, naturally.

Scott and Indi

Scott McGee

Scott is an award winning nature photographer, whose work has been published in print magazines. His goal is to share the wonder and beauty of nature in order to inspire others to help save it for future generations. He and Carolita work together advocating for nature and animals.
He has taken his photography from underwater, to waterfalls, to desert dunes and moss covered trees. He's looking forward to taking his lenses on a new adventure of pet photography.