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Here are answers to frequently asked questions about our business, services and what happens at a photo session. If you have any questions we haven’t answered, please contact us!

General Questions

Scott & Carolita are nature buffs. We also prefer to watch & photograph critters in their natural environment. So, instead of a typical studio set-up, we drive to the destination you prefer to romp around in as the “studio” for the photo shoot. Even if it’s your backyard, it’s still outdoors. This is what makes us a mobile pet photography business. We come to you!

Before the photo shoot, there is a process we have to go through to prepare for the exciting day. We begin with a conversation with your human, via email or phone, briefly discussing where & what kind of memories they would like to create with you. We will exchange email accounts so that we can send our contracts & pet questionnaire forms to be filled out before we meet.

We then set up a free ½ hour consultation, where we meet you & your human. There we will introduce ourselves, let you get used to our scents, go over the forms your human filled out & summarize the plan. Once all forms are understood, signed & session fee is paid, we'll confirm a photo shoot date and location.

Scott shoots with a high resolution DSLR. The images that will be available for purchase will be very high quality and perfect for large prints or small prints. There may be differences between the image sizes due to cropping or other adjustments, but this is normal and will not affect the print quality.

In fact, because the full resolution images will be very large, we also provide a smaller version of each image that can be used on social media or shared via email.

Questions About Services

We serve a roughly 65 mile radius around Port Angeles, WA, including the following cities/towns in Clallam and Jefferson Counties:
  • Blyn, WA
  • Forks, WA
  • Joyce, WA
  • Lake Sutherland, WA
  • Piedmont, WA
  • Port Angeles, WA
  • Port Townsend, WA
  • Port Hadlock-Irondale, WA
  • Port Ludlow, WA
  • Quilcene, WA
  • Sequim, WA
We are a mobile pet photography business, so please contact us if you live outside our service area. We may be able to work something out!
Please have your human refer to the pricing details on our Sessions & Images page.
We make it quite simple actually. Once the photos are processed, we will select a minimum of our 5 favorites from the bunch to share. Then we email your human within 1 week of the session, providing them a preview of photos through this website. Full resolution, digital photos will be available for purchase and download for a limited time (3 weeks from delivery). Please have your human refer to our policies on how these images can be printed and shared on social media.
Sure thing! For a low additional fee of $25 per person, your human can be part of the photo shoot fun too!
Does this mean we’re invited to eat cake? Heh heh, just kidding... sort of. You bet! Ask your human to email us or fill out the contact form on our website describing the details of their event request. Please allow 48 business hours for a reply.
Yes! Pricing varies depending on the type of business and photo shoot. Please have your human contact us for more information and to discuss creative ideas. Please allow 48 business hours for a reply.
We would be honored to volunteer our photography skills to help animals in need. Please email us or fill out the contact form on our website describing the details of your request. Please allow 48 business hours for a reply.

Questions about the Photo Session

We all meet up 15 min before the photo shoot so that you can be comfortable with your surroundings &/or go potty before you vogue, er play, for the camera. Your human should bring your favorite toys, treats or anything else that will help give you the confidence to not shy away once all lenses are on you. Once you feel you’re ready, we start to play for the camera! Woo hoo!
It all depends what kind of memories your human is looking for! If your human wants you to be calm & sit still, then some exercise would be helpful to tire you out a bit. If the photo shoot calls for jumping, leaping, running, slithering, swimming, rolling around, acting all goofy, then, by all means, take a chill & please don’t exercise before the shoot.

So, we don’t want you on an empty stomach, but we also prefer you’re not too full, where you’ll feel sluggish or get sick from being too active. Make sure you eat at a considerable time prior to avoid either of the above scenarios.

For you critters, such as reptiles, that have a much slower digestive system, the same rule applies. Make sure you’re not showing a bloated tummy. It’s not easy sucking in that belly all the time while vogueing! We want you feeling comfy, not full.

Hey, Sh*# happens! We will have poop bags, wet wipes, rags, you name it. We strongly suggest not to hold it in. Once you let it out, you’ll feel much better & continue to do what you do best... be you, naturally.
Wherever your critter heart desires, as long as we can get a permit & it is a location that is safe for all of us to play in. If you prefer the safety of your backyard, that’ll work for us too. For those of you who like water, beaches, lakes or pools, Scott & I are scuba divers so we have the equipment. We can stay underwater to get some nifty shots of you showing off your water talents.

You betcha! Your comfort & safety is top priority. We will NOT force you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with. We work at your pace. Your Pet Questionnaire form will help us prepare on how to handle your personality.

Carolita has worked with all kinds of animals from the shyest to the more aggressive. If, for some reason, the first photo shoot doesn’t work out, your human can decide, based on our company’s policies, whether or not another session will be ordered.

Also, we will not put you in any situation that will endanger you or your human. We’re ok with acting crazy, just not insane.

We know there are some critters that just can’t go outside, like Koi or other underwater critters. There are also limitations with some of you who may have disabilities. No worries. We will discuss some creative ideas with your human on how to get some pretty cool shots of you in your specific surroundings.
The more, the goofier! Heck yeah! Your photo session price is good for up to 2 critters. If you have more than 1 extra sibling, then for a low additional fee of $25 per critter, your photo shoot just turned into a party of fun!