Digital Download License Agreement

Digital image downloads purchased are subject to these licensing terms.

This Agreement governs and grants the Client’s personal print rights as it relates to the images purchased by Client.

The Client agrees and acknowledges that all images produced remain the exclusive property of Forest2Sea and that the grant of this limited license for personal use does not alter the ownership or control of said images.

Forest2Sea grants to the Client the following limited license of these images, subject to the following restrictions:

  • Distribution of photographic images for personal purposes via electric means. Such electronic distribution includes: email to personal contacts, distribution on social networking sites, and publishing images on personal blogs.
  • Reproduction of printed images for personal use of any size and quantity.
  • Display of images in a personal residence or other non-commercial venue.

Any other use or reproduction of images is strictly prohibited. Such prohibited uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Commercial Electronic Distribution
  • Entrance into any contest or other venue which may result in financial gain
  • Sale of prints or other materials
  • Display of images in any business related (retail or otherwise) or commercial venue
  • Alteration of images for display, including cropping and digital color enhancement
  • Copying of digital files for distribution to others